PeakDo 7-Inch / 11.6-Inch mm-Wave Handheld Gaming Console Screen

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Special split type handheld design to match the game controller as you like. Adopting millimeter wave technology with 60GHz frequency range, farewells to high latency, low refresh rate, poor image. Enjoying the smooth AAA games without late, a best gaming handheld for PS5, PS4, XBOX, Switch, Steam Deck game consoles.

With PeakDo wireless HDMI transmitter, this device can be a wireless portable monitor / second screen supports touchback control, works with most PC, laptops, smartphone, PS4, PS5, XBOX, Switch. Widely used in gaming, meeting, education and entertainment.

PeakDo 7-Inch / 11.6-Inch mm-Wave Handheld Gaming Console Screen  Handheld,gaming handheld,Gaming Console Screen
Recent Reviews ( 7 )
Ordered 3pcs, arrived fastly. Everyone workes well, smooth for gaming.
Better experience than first version. 1080p 60hz no problem at all!
Good picture quality and responsiveness, great experience with the controller, lightness and long battery life
good device for gaming, fast delivery !!!
Picture is very good, and no need for network, quite suitable for me with bad network, it's real a magic device for me. Easy to connect my game console without delay.
Just recieved mine today. Shipping took about 2 weeks. I want to write a couple of words how amazing the device is. Tested it with PS4 PRO and PC with zero lag ! In the 5hrs of battery life that i squezed out on 25% brightness settings. Most of the time i forgot that im even on a handheld. The screen is sturdy with a metal enclosure. Picture quality is excellent. (touch options too very convinient for PC) The only complaint i got are with the joycons. (they feel fragile or maybe is just me) Pairing them with the console and PC was easy enough and they got the job done for what they are. Thank you Peakdo for delivering such a product. I'm very satisfied with it. I hope you can refine and tune this technology for other devices because its amazing !
Thank you. I like the device though. Allthough the screws where very loose but i fastened them.