PeakDo mmWave AR Glasses Wireless Station P4

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PeakDo mmWave AR Glasses Wireless Station P4  Wireless HDMI Extender,Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver,wireless hdmi,Xreal adapter,Nreal adapter,Rokid adapter,adapter for AR glasses

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work well with my AR glasses!
PeakDo P3S match made in heaven for AR glasses, I updated my P3S again because of the built-in battery. If you search reddit for PeakDo, you'll probably run into my posts. I use my Xreal Air AR glasses as a mobile display and its great to just wire directly into portable techs like phones and handheld game systems. It also has the capability to connect to game consoles, PCs, and media players but the cable is short. PeakDo P3s wireless 60GHz HDMI solves this problem and untethers your AR glasses, allowing you to play comfortably from across the room. The new P4 has a built-in battery is pretty much solves all overheating or cut-out issues experienced. ZERO LAG with this setup and no issues. Being able to fully recline and enjoy my collection on game consoles, PC, and media players is a dream come true!
Extremely easy to install, perfect solution! More expensive than running a cable, but more convenient to use and well worth it! I use this to send video from my laptop to a monitor located in a difficult-to-cable location. Now able to connect wirelessly to the monitor screen display without using the internet or Bluetooth. Very easy to set, just to connect the HDMI ports on the transmitter and receiver. No need to connect another power source, this update is great, no loss of picture quality at all. I also use it to mirror my NS to a 4K TV, The picture is really good, and it works very well without any lag! I'm going to buy another one, one for my office & one for home use. Highly recommend this product!!!