PeakDo mmWave Freestanding Touchscreen Portable Monitor, 0 Latency, 1080P HD

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PeakDo portable monitor excelled the others do, adopting the innovative 60GHz mmWave wirelessHD technology for its wireless touchback and wirelessHD display

into one wirelesstransmission. Powerful signal coverage extendes to 30m(100ft). From home to office to trip, break the mold with PeakDo wireless touch monitor!


Efficient Video Transmission

FHD Image Transmission with zero compression is supported, and 1080P/60GHz HD live feeds to the portable screen.

End-to-end transmission latency as low as 2.5ms

Multipe Video Transmission

PeakDo leading industry's mm-Wave touchback feature is perfect for any usage, no matter wired or wireless. Not only for laptops ,game stations, or PC but also for smartphones or mobile devices.

Nowadays, many smartphones already have built-in desktop modeWith PeakDo touchscreen, mobility work or play becomes more efficient and easy.


Wireless PC TouchBack

PeakDo fully support PC or Laptop wirelessHD touchback feature. With mmWave technology, you can control your laptop by touching portable screen.

By controlling the portable screen, you can remotely set or close the game, modify your document,etc.


Wireless PS4/PS5/Xbox/NS Display

Gamers probably much care about the latency. Now, these worries are all gone in PeakDo wirelessHD portable monitor. You don't need to worry anymore. You can enjoy gaming in living room, bedroom, bathroom, or outdoor wherever, wherever you want with lag!



Wireless On-Camera Monitor

PeakDo beyond other WiFi monitors, now it's perfect for producer, vlogger, photographer, filmmaker, director who needs real-time monitor the shooting in lossless picture/video quality and check details on the bigger screen. Even remote control the camera shooting with wirelessHD touchback.



Intelligent Car System

PeakDo wirelessHD touchscreen brings you a next-gen car infotainment system to the unlimited APP feature level. Whatever APPs in your smartphone can be simultaneously operate in the touchscreen. You can even customize the multi-window cockpit UI for your favorite driving usage. 


Large Capacity Battery

The built-in 10000mAh large-capacity battery could last for about 5 hours, allowing you to enjoy a smooth gaming anywhere!

PeakDo has an input and output PD quick charging protocol. That shortens the full-charged time into about 45 mins. 



MultiPorts -- Extend Function


Transform The Way You Work

Second Monitor for your laptop/PC while working from anywhere! FHD IPS Hard Screen : 13.3 inches or 15.6 inches 1080P FHD anti-glare IPS screen with 60GHz High resolution, brings fantastic picture/video/audio screen quality and the richness in color. Best for business trip!

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup

No need for wires, APP, Bluetooth pairing, Wi-Fi, really plug-and-play setup! Thanks to built-in 60Ghz mm-Wave receiver system, you just need to put wireless hdmi transmitter into your transmiting end and it will work. True wireless connection!

Flexible Touchscreen and Wireless Touchback

Touchable FHD screen, flexible control. Using the laptop/PC as the transmission end, the screen can be touch back to the laptop/PC within 30m/100ft transmission range. Make the office/ PC gaming more convenient!

Transmission range up to 30m, 2.5ms ultra-low latency

Compared to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connection solutions, the adavantage of mmWave is undoubtedly its ultra-high transmission rate of 3.96Gbps, so its latency is only 2.5ms. And without any compression of the picture, the transmission range can reach 30m/100ft. (Not support use in different rooms!!!)

Lightweight & Portable

Our portable monitor touchscreen with ultra-portable design at (13.3" : 5mm / 15.6": 5mm ) slim and weighs (13.3": 755.5g / 15.6": 972g), easy to carry and helps you get things done efficiently when you're on the go.

Wide Compatible

With the matching wireless HDMI transmitter, you can easily connect to PC, Mac, smartphone, Xbox, Switch, PS4/PS5, Camera, etc. (Some devices require HDMI adapters, which can be purchased in our store), and compatible with any HDMI port laptop.



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