PeakDo Wireless HDMI P2, 16ft Transmission Range

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Zero Latency same as Wired HDMI Cable


Equipped with 60GHz mmWave technology,could transmit video and audio with zero latency.

Pros and Cons of 60 Ghz mmWave

Pros: Ultra wide transmission bandwidth ensures transmission speed and stability.
Cons: Relatively weak penetration power through walls and objectives.

Wide Application, Transmission Range 100ft Max

Support video resolution up to 1080P.
Backward compatible with lower resolution video.

0 Latency, 4k HD Picture

Designed with a mini seize as a U-Disk.TX: 32g, RX: 72.9g.
Just put it in your pocket or briefcase to take it anywhere.

Model Number: P2

PeakDo Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver (Series 2)

mmWave 0 Latency 0 Compression HD Video HDMI transmission system.

Bring LIve HDTV Anywhere without wires

This wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kit help you to extend PC/mac/phone/pad/game console/camera video/audio to HDMI display such as tv,monitor and projector.You can enjoy movies with your family at home.

Zero Latency for Movies and Gaming

Transmitting in 60 GHz with no lag(real time response), this wireless HDMI extender is comparable with wired HDMI cable connection.

EasyPlug and Play Setup

Just plug the HDMI transmitter into the output source and plug the receiver into your TV, monitor or projector, and connect power supply for the video transmitter and receiver, you can start to enjoy a 0 latency projection.

1080P FHD High Performance

Perfect video transmitter for FHD(1080P@60Hz) videos in 5 m. Transmission stays stable in 5m without objects blocking the 2 devices. The ultra-wide transmission bandwidth ensures its signal stability and the video/audio synchronization.

NO Wifi Requared and Portable

No need HDMI cable, WiFi or to install app. You can take the mini wireless HDMI transmission kit to anywhere you want.

Note: For destinations within the US, we ship from the local warehouse; it only takes 1-3 business days!

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