PeakDo Wireless HDMI 4K, 100ft Transmission Range, Argent

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60GHz Transmission Frequency

Highest resolution: 4k@30Hz/1080P@120Hz

Multi-Interface Docking Station

2 * USB-C 3.1 Port,2 * USB 3.0-A Port,1 * HDMI interface.
Supports 100w PD Fa Charging.External mouse or keyboard for control.

Wide Application, Transmission Range 100ft Max

Support devices: Laptop, Mac, Phone, Tablet, Camera, PS5, Switch, TV Box, Etc.
Various scenarios: Business conference, Home cinema, Education, Gaming, Live TV, etc.

0 Latency, 4k HD Picture

4K HDMI extender supports up to 4K@30Hz high-resolution video/audio transmission with no compress nor latency.
4K HDMI adapter supports 1080P@120Hz.

Model Number4k 

PeakDo Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver 4K (Series 4)

1080P@120Hz 4K@30Hz 0 Latency Wireless HDMI 4K

mmWave Wireless HDMI 4K

This wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver can support 4k HDMI 1080P HD Video. Highest resolution: 4K@30Hz/1080P@120Hz/1080P@60Hz/720P/576P/480P, etc. 

USB-C & HDMI Dual Interface

Smooth display without any network latency (real time response). Support any HDMI devices. With 2 PD interfaces up to 100W and 2 USB 3.0, you can connect mouse, keyboard to remote control the presentation.

Transmission Range up to 100 ft / 30 m

Streming clearly 4K@30Hz, 1080P@120Hz video and excellent audio to a TV or projector, transmission range up to 30 m.

1080P@60Hz Zero Latency for Live Streaming & Game

Transmitting in 60GHz with a ≤2.5ms latency (real-time response), and streaming 4K@30Hz / 1080P@120Hz Video/Audio with ease.

NO Wifi Requared, Plug and Play

No need HDMI cable, WiFi or to install app, just connect the transmitter to a set-top box, game console or other HDMI output device. 

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